About Us

Woodward Steel is a full-line steel service center that was founded in Woodward, Oklahoma in 2006.

Today, Woodward Steel maintains four stocking warehouses and sales office locations in Oklahoma. From these locations, Woodward Steel offers an extensive inventory of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, PVC Pipe, fittings in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Woodward Steel also stocks a complete line of Ranching/Farm and welding supplies products. In addition to its wide-ranging inventory, Woodward Steel also offers in-house, first-step processing.

These services include custom sawing, shearing, flame cutting, plasma cutting, and plate rolling. Woodward Steel also maintains its own fleet of trucks and trailers to serve our many customers in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and beyond.

The Woodward Steel team has positioned the company so it can maintain the success and momentum it has garnered over the years. This positioning gives Woodward Steel the ability to take advantage of new growth opportunities as they arise, and also to assure its customers, employees, and vendors of the security of being associated with a regional cornerstone of the metal service center industry.